Booking Spaces

Want to book the Garden Room, Exhibition Space or Meeting Room for your event or activity? Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

These spaces are available for private and corporate bookings.


Standard Rate (per hour)

Exhibition Space and Terrace£60
Garden Room and Garden£56
Meeting Room£20

 Businesses within Barking Riverside social impact areas are potentially eligible for further discounts.

To review what these spaces look like and where they are located within The WIlds, visit the About page.



Co-Working is available at The Wilds Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm, in either the Exhibition Room or the Hot Desking Office. Both spaces provide either half or whole day co-working sessions, and include the use of the high-speed internet.

An informal Co-Working offer is available in the Exhibition Room on Wednesday and Friday. You can book a seat at one of our large shared tables, where you can enjoy views out to the terrace.



Half Day (9am-12.45pm or 1pm-5pm)£1
Whole Day (9am-5pm)£2

If you prefer a quieter, more private space to work, you can book a desk in the Hot Desking Office, Monday to Friday.



Half Day (9am-12.45pm or 1.15pm-5pm)£1
Whole Day (9am-5pm)£2